What dose face serum do?

Face Serums are amazing Skin Care Products that are loaded with a high concentration of useful nutrients, which give the extra care to your skin that it needs. From clearing the blemishes to toning, fading down the dark spots to diminishing the fine lines, Facial Serums are the perfect lightweight and non-sticky moisturizers that treat lots of skin concerns. Being light, facial Serums have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin and carry active ingredients directly into your skin.

There is a large number of facial serums available in the market which makes it a little confusing to find out the right one for you.

These days, gold is becoming one of the most popular ingredients of skin care range. Although, ladies of ancient erased to incorporate gold dust in their Skin Care Regime, the idea vanished due to higher expenses of using gold. Khadi Global Pure Luxury 24K Gold Lift & Glow Facial Beauty Serum includes gold dust as one of the key ingredients.


This serum contains active herbal ingredients that give you lighter Glowing Skin. In addition to gold, this serum also contains Silk Peptides, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid & Ginseng Extract. The serum also stabilities below your skin giving a healthy glow to the skin. Gold also has the ability to stimulate vital energies and works against premature aging. The sild peptides present in the serum provides long term skin tightening effect and protects skin cells from oxidative stress. On the other hand, it is also a great moisturizing agent due to the presence of Hyaluronic acid in it.

This Oil-Free Serum will instantly stir up and give even Tone to your Skin, concealing the wrinkles and give a more radiant complexion that is constantly hydrated throughout the day.

In a busy lifestyle, when we get too little time for ourselves, we need something that sorts all the skin concerns instantly. Using Khadi Global Pure Luxury 24K Gold Lift & Glow Facial Beauty Serum is such a simple addition to your routine, which does not demand too much effort from you.

How to use Khadi Global Pure Luxury 24K Gold Lift & Glow Facial Beauty Serum? It’s very simple

How to Use

  • The serum should be used each morning and evening,
  • Take a few drops on your palm and sweep over face and neck for instant skin perfection and hydration that lasts for the entire day.
  • Gently massage all over and wash it off with warm water and you are done.

One can instantly see the visible glow on your skin. Everyday use of this Serum Provides Firming, smoothing, anti-aging and moisturizing effects. The pores start shrinking gradually and your skin begins to feel youthful, after a few days of use.

Another great part about this serum is that it is prepared from natural ingredients. The composition does not include any kind of chemicals, alcohol, Paraben or Sulphates and completely safe to use for all Skin Types.

So, next time, you are buying your beauty essentials, don’t forget to include Khadi Global Pure Luxury 24K Gold Lift & Glow Facial Beauty Serum in your list.