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Hair Oil

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  • Khadi Global 18 In1 Renewal BioActive Hair Oil with 18+ Natural Herbal Oils and Extracts for All Type of Hair Problem (200 ml/6.76 fl.oz)

    • ✔ 18 BENEFITS 1 OIL: Reverses Damage Caused By Chemicals |Preserve Natural Hair Color Texture | Replenishes Damaged Hair | Improves Hair Volume | Improves Lipid Barrier | Improves Resilience | Root Strengthening | Smother And Silkier | Deeply Moisturizes | Reduces Split ends | Improves Textures | Scalp Nourishment | Prevents Thinning | Dandruff Control | Hair Fall Control | Deep Hydration | Controls Frizz | Improves Luster.
    • ✔ PERFECT FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: By the age of 25, women start to see a loss of volume, shine, strength, and elasticity. By the age of 40, half of all men show signs of male pattern hairloss. Thanks to its unique formula, Khadi Global 18 in 1 Renewal Bioactive Hair Oil help both women and men oppose visible signs of hair and scalp ageing.
    • ✔ FULL AGE-DEFYING SYSTEM – 18-In-1 Renewal System Nourishes Scalp & Improves Elasticity; Counteracts Aging by Infusing Hair With Ultra-Moisturizing Marula Oil With More Then 28 Natural Oils and Extracts.
    • ✔ CONTAIL NATURAL & PURE OIL – Pure Marula Oil, Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil, Cold Pressed Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil, Cold Pressed Grapeseed Oil, Cold Pressed Moringa Oil, Cold Pressed Apricot Kernal Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Blackseed Oil, Neem Oil, Rosehip Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lavender E. Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Holy Basil Essential Oil, Sufflower Oil, Aloe vera, Ginseng Ext
    • ✔ BEST LUXURY HAIR CARE WITHOUT SACRIFICING YOUR HEALTH: Contains NO Mineral Oil, Parabens, Paraffin Oil, Petrolatum or Liquid Paraffin. Researchers have found that hair oil containing mineral oil and other harmful ingredients can cause itchy scalp, serious skin irritation and disease, hair loss and damage, and the ability to create nitrate compounds which have been linked to cancer and cell damage. Khadi Global contains NONE of these harsh chemicals. ALSO SAFE FOR COLOR TREATED HAIR.

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  • Khadi Global Arabica Coffee Hair Stimulating Oil Infused With Powerful Broccoli Seed Oil With Natural Caffeine and Keratin Oil Formulated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 200 ml

    • ✔ Powerful Yet Gentle Coffee Oil – Coffee oil helps to increase the blood circulation and can stimulate the hair follicles to speed up the growth. The phytosterols in the oil promotes moisture retention and absorption.
    • ✔ Premium Broccoli Seed Oil – Broccoli seed oil has a unique blend of essential fatty acids with up to 50% Erucic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid which helps impart shine on the hair similar to the type derived from silicone-filled hair products. It’s absorbed easily into the hair and forms a protective barrier; keeping moisture in longer. This makes broccoli seed oil an excellent sealing oil.
    • ✔ Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Olive oil has a moisturizing effect that nourishes your scalp, which can prevent dandruff, which is one of the causes of hair loss. For your hair to remain healthy and long, hair strands must be kept strong to avoid breakages. This is what olive oil does to help strengthen individual hair strands to avoid hair splits.
    • ✔ Use Ultra-Premium Khadi Global Arabica Coffee Oil for treating all type hair problems – hair loss, scalp infections, dryness, itchiness, thinning, dandruff and dullness. INCREASES COLLAGEN + ELASTIN NATURALLY – This natural hair oil has naturally occurring vitamins and fatty acids to encourage natural collagen and elastin for younger looking skin.
    • ✔ It is rich in Keratin, Caffeine and anti-oxidants with helps in blocking DHT which causes hair loss and promotes growth of new hair strands, also reverses the damage cause of chemical treatments and provides naturally conditioning, rapids the growth of hair to give you long & thick hair.
    • ✔Gently massage you hair with Khadi Global Arabica Coffee Oil. Leave it for at least 2 hour & wash off with Khadi Global Arabica Coffee Shampoo With Keratin or a mild shampoo.

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  • Khadi Global Moroccan Argan Oil

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    • This precious oil is produced from the fruit kernels of Argan Tree also know as “Liquid Gold Of Morocco”
    • Khadi Global Moroccan Argon Oil is great source of very high level of a rare form of Vitamin E, sterols and essential fatty acids for skin and hairs & in its purest form, since you need a couple of drops to see big & beautiful results.
    • Nothing added or taken away. The highest quality Argan seeds are selected and cold pressed to produce the cleanest fully analysed argon oil available on the market today.
    • Many beauty products now contain Argan Oil, but usually in small amounts to keep the costs down.
    • Khadi Global Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is 100% pure – not diluted down in any way – so a little goes a long way.
    • Free from parabens, fragrances, colorants, alcohol, preservatives and animal ingredients.
    • ONE OIL, MANY USES: Apply to face for deep moisturizing that provides a radiant and glamorous glow. Add to your favorite shampoo or apply to dry, damaged, or brittle hair for a shiny, lustrous look or massage into hair as leave in conditioning Overnight.
    • Use on entire body to condition, nourish and maintain healthy skin. Massage it on your yellow nails, cuticles to soften, strengthen & restore their youthful appearance. Promotes healthy beard growth, softens facial hair, and conditions beards.

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  • Khadi Global Premium Grade 100% Pure Castor Oil – Cold Pressed – Supports Stronger Hair, Skin, Eyelashes, Eyebrows, Lips and Nails – Contain NO Mineral Oil NO Silicones – NO Hexane 200ml

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    • For thicker, healthier & faster growing hair – Once or twice a week, massage lukewarm oil on the scalp and along with the tresses. Leave for an hour, or overnight. Wash hair with a sulphate-free shampoo.
    • For younger & even-toned skin – Massage a small amount on cleansed face for hydration and softening effect. Massage on dark spots/scars/stretch marks for a gradual lightening effect. Leave overnight.
    • For thicker eyelashes & eyebrows – Massage a few drops on eyelashes & eyebrows before bedtime. Leave overnight.
    • For stronger nails – Apply 1 drop on the nail before bedtime, Massage well, Leave overnight.
    • For softer lips – Massage 1-2 drops on lips before bedtime. Leave overnight.
    • For Stretchmarks – Khadi Global Castor oil has omega-3 fatty acids which may help reduce stretch marks. Omega-3 fatty acids minimise Pigmentation & inflammation that is associated with damage due to stretch marks.
    • As carrier oil – Blend 3 drops of essential oil per 10 ml castor oil.
    • With other cold-pressed oils – Blend in any ratio as per preference.
    • For Crack-free, Moisturised Heals & Feet – You can also rub the Khadi Global castor oil on your feet, concentrating on your heels, before applying socks at bedtime & wake up to smooth, soft and healed

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  • Khadi Global Red Onion Anti Hair Loss and Hair Growth Combo with Red Onion Oil 200ml + Red Onion Shampoo Shampoo 200ml Total 400ML Best Onion Oil For Anti Hair Loss Best Onion Shampoo For Hair Growth

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    • Strengthens Hair : It helps to give strong, lustrous hair and keep it healthy. It aids in moisturizing the scalp and helps nourish the roots.
    • Onion Oil stimulates the scalp root, Keratin strengthens hair and makes it frizz-free.
    • Makes Hair Soft : Gentle surfactants cleanse hair & scalp without stripping. Keratin prevents damage & dryness, leaving hair soft & smooth.
    • Red Onion, Curry Leaf & Alkanet Root are traditionally known ingredients used to encourage hair growth. Onion is a natural source of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that protects the health of our hair, and is also rich in sulphur, known as the beauty mineral that is important for encouraging healthy hair growth and stimulating blood flow.
    • Best Luxury Hair Care Without Sacrificing Your Health : Contains NO Sulfates, Parabens, Sodium Chloride, Gluten. Researchers have found that shampoos containing sulfates and other harmful ingredients can cause itchy scalp, serious skin irritation and disease, hair loss and damage, Khadi Global contains NONE of these harsh chemicals. Suitable for all hair types and safe for color-treated hair.

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  • Khadi Global Red Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth with Argan, Jojoba, Rosemary, Black Seed Oil in Purest Form Very Effectively Control Hair Loss, Gives Hair Growth (200 ml/6.76 fl.oz)

    • Boost blood circulation on the scalp to slow down hair loss and promote regrowth of new hair strands
    • Controls dandruff and skin infections
    • Strengthen the hair strands by reducing breakage and thinning of hair

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