One Oil Multiple Qualities For Your Skin & Hair Treatment

Argan oil is often considered for bouncy and shiny hair; but do you know it is also an important ingredient of beauty products?  Yes, it is special for Skincare benefits.  In fact, it is referred to as ‘liquid gold’. The argan oil is extracted from the argan tree kernels and is rich with nutrients, vitamin E and fatty acids.

The properties of Argan oil makes it Beneficial for skin and hair. This oil is not only for the elite class and celebrities, in fact, anyone can enjoy the benefits of argan oil.  Argan oil is best as a skin moisturizer. It softens and hydrates your skin. It has fatty acid and high vitamin E that absorbs easily, it is non-irritating and non-greasy. Applying even a few drops with a gentle rub is enough on the body and face.


Again, it is excellent as a hair treatment to make hair silkier, softer and shinier. It helps treating frizzy hair and split ends.  Taming frizzy hair or giving shine to your hair, argan oil is the best as it adds attractive shine and keeps hair manageable. There is no big process, but take on your palms argan oil a few drops, rub on your palms and gently comb your fingers passing your hair as a way of applying oil to hair.

Argan oil ensures glow to your skin and also eliminates wrinkles. Argan oil has an antioxidant effect that leaves the skin softer by restoring elasticity. Apply and massage the oil on your neck and face before going to bed.

Khadi Global Moroccan Argan Oil is one oil with multiple uses. The Oil is suitable for the face, the body as well as hair.

Khadi Global Moroccan Argan Oil contains has omega 9 monounsaturated and omega 6 fatty unsaturated acids. These help skin even if acne-prone. Argan oil has linoleic acid around 40% and oleic acid around 48%. Linoleic acid reduces inflammation, promotes moisturization levels and helps other ingredients enter the skin easily thus promotes permeability of the skin.

Tips to apply

  • Take in your palm, rub and massage it on your neck and face for a minute
  • Also apply to the hair roots, scalp and split ends.

Khadi Global has marked its presence by introducing the most innovative Beauty Product range which is formulated with natural ingredients and are free from mineral oil, parabens, SLES, SLS, colorants, artificial fragrance, alcohol, and other preservatives. Khadi Global Moroccan Argan Oil is one of those innovations.