There is no doubt that natural ingredients are more helpful for the purpose of making your body feel good. Not only this, generally these do not have side-effects like artificial products. One such thing is pure Moroccan Argan oil. As can be guessed by the name, the argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the argan tree. It is native to Morocco and the ancient practice of using hands for oil extraction still takes place there. The good thing about Argan oil is that it can be used on almost all skin types and hair textures.

Uses for hair:

Uses for hair

  • Soothing and itchy scalp

Using the pure Moroccan Argan Oil as hair oil is one of the best ways it can be used. As hair experts believe the itchiness that is generally caused by the dryness of the scalp can be treated by pouring some drops of the argan oil. A good way to use it is to massage the scalps at night and leaving it for the night and then wash your hair in the morning. Hair experts also believe that it also helps in stimulating the blood circulation and problems like dandruff and clogged pores are avoided as a result.

  • Using as a hair conditioner

Being a great moisturizer, the argan oil can be used as a conditioner for your hair right after you wash them. Even in its pure form, it does provide you the benefits when you apply it on wet hair and keep it on for some time. The benefits of using Argan Oil as hair conditioner include softer hair, fewer tangles and, reducing dryness.

  • Make hair shiny

Using a few drops of Argan Hair Oil before styling your hair can make your hair a lot shinier. To get the best results, use it when the hair is still a little wet. With the dry hair, you have to try not to overdo it as even though it does not leave any residue, a large quantity will leave some. Applying it at the ends could do wonders for your look.

  • Use it to avoid heat damage

Most hairstylists actually use argan oil as a shield to protect the hair from getting damaged by heat caused by curling and blowing. You too can use argan oil in this way as the argan oil contains fatty acids that protect the hair.

Uses for skin:

Uses for Skin

  • Use to cleanse skin

As the case was with hair, the argan oil is used to reduce the clogged pores, thereby reducing the acne too. For the people with oily skin and fighting with acne, this may not sound a good idea, but as mentioned above, it is really helpful. Continuous usage for about four weeks and the results will be there for you to see.

  • No more wrinkles

Using argan oil can nourish your skin and increase elasticity so that skin can regain its shape back even after stretching. It also slows down the thinning of skin with age and therefore, avoiding the forming of Wrinkles.

  • Dry skin conditions

When the skin is dry and flaky, it can lead to other problems and serious conditions too. And even if it doesn’t, the dry skin certainly doesn’t look great. To avoid this condition, the Vitamin E and fatty acid-rich argan oil are used. This is one of the best ways to avoid further escalate the problem of dryness and irritation. Applying of few drops combined with the gentle massage will help you get rid of this problem permanently.

  • Healing

Damaged or cracked skin causes a great deal of pain and irritation. Even though you can use artificial products, the reliefs are generally temporary. To avoid flaring this problem again, use argan oil as it speeds up the healing process while with no side-effect causing any problem. It also has the properties to increase the healing rate of a burned area.

  • Skin brightening

Not having a perfect skin tone or having some dark or brown spots on your skin may result in you losing your confidence I yourself. Don’t let these small matters which can be treated by argan oil in a couple of months haunt you for so long. Uneven exposure to sun, hormonal reaction, and even harsh climatic conditions can cause your skin to have an uneven tone. In such cases too, applying the argan oil can brighten your skin tone. This happens due to the excessive vitamin E present in the argan oil.

Bottom Line

These are some of the benefits which even you can enjoy if you start using the pure Moroccan Argan Oil. That is why people in Morocco call it “Liquid Gold”. Khadi Global Moroccan Argan Oil is available in the purest form. No additions or dilutions are done, therefore the oil retains all its properties.