How to Find Right Hand Sanitizer?

How to Find Right-Hand Sanitizer?

Pre the global pandemic, hand sanitizers were not of great importance in layman’s life as it is today. And now everyone spends a whole time thinking and weighing the pros and cons before making a purchase. Alongside masks, hand sanitizers have also become a kind of necessity that we can‘t leave the house without.

The importance of hand sanitizers has risen to such an extent that all the leading beauty brands are turning their focus towards the production of hand sanitizers.

The cases of COVID-19 continue to mount at a rapid speed and people all around the world are doing everything in their capacity to keep themselves and their families safe. Because everyone’s been so blindsided to keep their families safe, people have started to hoard hand sanitizers, as a result. This has led to a shortage of products in the local drugstores and the online websites have hiked their prices, which is also difficult to obtain for a middle-class man.

There’s been a lot of debate around whether hand sanitizers are as effective as soap and water. Well, the experts have suggested that it’s better to wash hands with soap and water. However, there are certain situations that we face where we cannot wash our hands regularly, and thus, we require hand sanitizers to keep ourselves away from germs and bacteria.

How Effective Hand Sanitizers are?


As per the guidelines of the CDC, the exact contribution of the use of hand sanitizer when it comes to the spread of coronavirus is still unknown. However, the data has suggested that alcohol-based sanitizers in the right amount can inactivate the virus which causes COVID-19. The experts have suggested that alcohol solutions containing 60-95 percent are the most effective.

Also, there’s a water component present in the hand sanitizers which helps to break down the viral and/or bacterial germs on our hands.

Despite all the benefits, it is important to make a note that hand sanitizers may help with cold or flu but they are not effective with all viruses and bacteria. Hand sanitizers are also not effective when your hands are visibly dirty. The experts have suggested to always wash hands with soap and water. We should turn to hand sanitizers only when it is required.

How to Find the Right Sanitizer?


Although the best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands with warm and soapy water. However, we require hand sanitizer as much as we need anything else.

As stated above, we need the concentration of 60-95 percent of alcohol is an effective hand sanitizer. It must be noted that on hand sanitizers, alcohol may be written as ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or ethyl alcohol.

As long as we get the sanitizers with the desired concentration of alcohol, you are all set to make the purchase regardless of other ingredients.

We must be aware of hand sanitizers or sanitization products which may say that they contain an alternative disinfecting ingredient which is as effective as alcohol, however, that’s never the case.

Right Way to Use Hand Sanitizers


Though alcohol-based hand sanitizers provide you with maximum protection against germs and bacteria, however, it’s important to use the hand sanitizers in the right way for them to work.

This means we need to apply the product to one palm of one hand and rub it all over the surface fo our hands – the top of our hands, palms, and in between the fingers – you got to do it until your hands are dry. We must ensure to check the label to see how much we should use because the amount to be taken may vary from brand to brand.

Bottom Line

Hand sanitizers are surely a solid-in-the-moment way to clean our hands after coming in contact with an unknown person/object. This today, is of utmost importance to protect us and our families from the virus. It must be made sure that we are using enough of the product and not wiping it off before it has dried. Once we’re in a spot where water and soap are handy, we must take a moment to wash off our hands to wipe out the germs which may be still hanging around.

Hand sanitizer has a shelf life of about three years so we must ensure to check that ours’ hasn’t expired yet.

Also, hand sanitizer must be stored in temps above 105°F, so we must not leave it in our cars during the hot summer months.

The coronavirus pandemic is unfolding in real-time, no matter what amendments there will be in the guidelines shortly. One thing that will remain the same is the use of sanitizers.

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Keep washing your hands and using hand sanitizer.

Stay Safe, Stay Happy!


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