Vitamin C Cleanser

Dose of Vitamin C in the Form of Cleanser

Everyone knows the Benefits of Vitamin C for skin. This single vitamin takes complete care of your skin.  Its antioxidant properties and its role in synthesis of collagen make vitamin C a vital molecule for skin health. The amount of Vitamin C that we get from the diet, isn’t enough. In order to the meet the daily requirement of it, we either need to take orally (in the form of supplement) or apply it directly. Vitamin C has the ability to protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun light, control skin aging, prevent acne and reduce the dark spots of the skin.

So, what if you get the extra dose of Vitamin C in your everyday face wash.

Khadi Global brings Vitamin C face cleanser which gives your skin ample amount of Vitamin C which enters into the skin and cleanses it deeply to give you a visibly smoother and brighter complexion. The cleanser also contains Tea Tree Essential Oil and rosehip oil, which provides hydration to the skin. The cleanser is loaded with several other ingredients that enhance the benefits of it.

Here are some of the ways, Khadi Global Vitamin C face cleanser helps your skin:

  • It works as a powerful blackhead remover as it penetrates the skin and deeply cleanses.
  • Vitamin C has the potential to fade the dark spots at the same time as brightening and evening the skin tone, by inhibiting melanin production.
  • Vitamin C boosts the production and synthesis of collagen which helps in slowing down the skin aging process.
  • Vitamin C directly acts on the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines and helps in reversing them to an extent.
  • Extracts of Aloe Vera present in the cleanser hydrates the skin and helps in maintaining the natural moisture of the skin.
  • The antioxidant properties of vitamin C help in fighting free radicals and damage caused by UV radiation. The result is anti-aging action for younger-looking skin. It also reveres the damage caused by sun rays such as tanning, redness or decoloration.
  • It helps in repairing overall damage caused by sun exposure and collagen loss by encouraging healthy cell turnover and regeneration.
  • Soothes the irritation on the skin. If you are facing some kind on allergic reacting or irritation due to environmental pollution. Vitamin C cleanser can help your skin to relax.
  • End of the day, when you are feeling tired, so does your skin; simply wash your face with the cleanser and your skin with restore its freshness instantly.

You don’t need a ton of steps in your skin care regimen to obtain the benefits of vitamin C. All you need is Khadi Global Vitamin C Cleanser.

The best part about this face cleanser is that it does not contains any sort of harmful chemicals, paraben, SLS or Sulphates. The product is naturally formulated and therefore is gentle and safe for all skin types.

Many studies have indicated that matching a good skin care regimen with a healthy lifestyle is the best way to slow the signs of aging and look youthful and vibrant for years to come.

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