Sometimes, it might feel weird to switch to or buy new natural skin care products when you have a shelf is full of partially consumed products. For those who understand the advantage of choosing the products without chemicals, it is not a big price to pay for preventative health. Same holds true for skincare. 

So, Why Switch To Natural Skincare?  Here are five compelling reasons to do so.

1.Natural products are gentle to the skin

Being prepared from plant based natural ingredients, the chances of reactions and sensitivity is close to minimum. Nature is kind for the human kind and the mild nature of natural ingredients ensures that there are no harsh effects on the skin. Of course, you need to the test the product on the skin but herbs are far more safer than the synthetic products.

2. Natural products smell Superior

Chemical ingredients tend to either have a chemical smell to them or are so full of nose- yanking synthetic perfume that it’s not enjoyable to wear. After a while, such fragrances appear irritating. Just Try Khadi Global Sun Protect 3X Fairness Sunscreen Lotion and you will enjoy its mild calming fragrance all day long. It will not only give you nice fragrance but wonderful protection against sunlight and other environmental condition while giving whitening effect to the skin.

3. Protects & Preserves Our Environment

Look at another perspective, if you’re washing your face with harsh surfactants such as SLS, where do you think that goes when you wash it away? It goes and mixes up with the water, which is either recycled again or pollutesthe sea life. When any form of chemical is used and drained out, it mixes up with the environment and effects it adversely. More so, the manufacturing process of these products also releases lots of injurious ingredients into the atmosphere.

4. Time-tested and proven results

Most of the ingredients in modern organic skincare products are primarily derived from ancient remedies that are have been in use for centuries, without any side-effects. Therefore, these products are well-tested over the long period of time.The test of time is certainly the best kind of test, and these ingredients have stood the test time, guaranteeing healthy, beautiful skin.

5. Your Skin Will Be Grateful

Your skin suffers a lot, whether it is due to harsh Sun-rays, environmental pollution or application of chemical loaded make-up. All these makes your skin suffocate each day and causes pore-clogging. Eventually, your skin becomes sensitive and age prematurely. Organic skin care is gentle, does not clogs your skin and give immense protection to your skin. For Instance using Rehydrating Neroli Orange blossom water, everyday can reverse the effects of wearing makeup for longer hours. It refreshes your skin also maintains the pH of the skin.

If you become gentle to your skin by switching to organic products, your skin will love you back and be grateful to you.

Plant based skin care istender andprovides deep nourishments. Khadi Global offers complete range of Skin care products including Toners, Sunscreens, Serums, Exfoliators, Hydrating gels and much more that provides tender care and protection to your skin. The entire collection is completely free from chemicals such as Sulphates or Parabens.

This #worldhealthmonth, let’s pledge to be kind to the environment and ourselves by switching to organic skincare and other possible products.