While Holi – the festival of colours bring joy and happiness for all, but the aftermath makes our hair out for help. In the previous post, we discussed some Skincare tips for Holi. Like your skin, your hair also need little extra care. Here are some pre and post Holi hair care tips to ensure that you enjoy yourself without worrying about your hair.


Hair Massage

Dry as well as wet colours of Holi contain harmful toxins (even if they are organic, they do have substantial amount of constituents which may cause harm to hair) that can make your hair dry and frizzy.

Before you step out to play Holi, it is very important to apply a good hair oil over the length of your hair as well as massage your scalp thoroughly. You can use any other hair oil of your choice like Argan Oil. The oil will provide a protective layer to your hair, which will prevent colours from sticking to your hair.

If you don’t like using hair oil, you can apply a gentle organic conditioner on hair before playing Holi. Take very little amount of conditioner, spread on both palms and massage light into the hair. It will help to clean your hair easily when you wash off the colours.

Cover your hair

Open hair soaks more colours, if you have long than you should braid it or make a bun, so that not all the hair gets exposed to the colours. Covering up your hair with a stylish scarf or cap will help you to look chic while providing protection to the hair. You might also consider wearing a shower cap under your cap or scarf.

Avoid Hair accessories

Try to avoid any hair accessories while playing Holi as when the hair gets wet, they become weaker from the roots and the accessories may pull them off.



Once you are done with the celebration, It’s time to clean up your hair as early as possible. If you have played with dry colours, brush your hair well. Brushing with help in removing all the extra colour lying on your hair length.

For wet colours, first rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water (avoid warm water). Use a gentle natural cleansing shampoo as they are mild and help in removing the chemicals from the hair. After washing and conditioning of hair, apply a thick layer of hair oil all over the length of your hair and scalp. This will help in losing the grip of Holi colours from the scalp. 

Avoid blow drying after wash on Holi, let your hair dry up naturally.

Continue with gentle hair care

Holi Colours don’t go away from hair in one go. You need to give it some extra care for a couple of weeks after Holi in order to ensure that hair remains as healthy and beautiful as ever.

Go Natural

It is advisable to use natural or herbal hair care products so as to completely eradicate the effects of harmful chemicals in Holi Colours. Khadi Global offers wide range of naturally formulated premium oils, which not only protects your hair but provide lasting health your hair.

Have a safe-Colourful and Vibrant Holi!