Onions – one of the modest staple in your kitchen, which fits well in almost all the dishes you prepare because of its flavour and amazing benefits. But do you know, onions is beneficial outside of your kitchen as well? Besides, being advantageous in food preparation, onions are the best remedy for hair loss as well.According to the research of American Academy of Dermatology, use of onions can reverse the hair thinning, hair loss and baldness problem for both men and women.

Hair thinning or loss is usually a hereditary condition called androgenetic alopecia; but sometimes, it may happen as a side effect of some medication or hormonal changes. In most of the case, onion juice has proved to be effective in restoring and re-growing the hair.

Onions contain certain minerals, which are advantageous for retaining the quality of hair.It is a natural source of quercetin – a powerful anti-oxidant that protects the health of hair. Onions are also high in sulphur content which is popular as the beauty mineral and helps in regenerating the hair follicles. The vegetable is also antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial in nature, which helps the healthy growth of hair and stimulates blood flow.

More and more people are now using, raw red onion juice on hair scalp so as to overcome their hair related problems. Although, the smell of onion is quite strong, but its benefits are so amazing that, people can’t resist using it.

There is an easy solution to it. Try using Onion based herbal shampoos. Companies producing natural personal care products carefully prepare the products that the properties and benefits of the ingredients are not lost.

One of such wonder shampoo is Khadi Global Red Onion Shampoo. This shampoo primarily contains Red Onion, Curry Leaf & Alkanet Root as its key ingredients; these ingredients are known for promoting hair growth and put a full-stop on hair loss since the ancient times. The power of onions is enhanced with the presence of Curry leaves and Alkanet Root (A.K.A Ratan Jot). While curry leaves are the rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. (Beta carotene limits hair loss and proteins prevents hair thinning.), Alkanet Root acts as a natural hair conditioner and helps arrest premature greying, baldness and hair loss.

The combination of Onions, Curry Leaf & Alkanet Root is when blended with several other oils and herbs which are known for the hair benefits, leads to a wonderful shampoo, which is not only free from chemicals, sulphates and parabens but also reverses the harsh effects of chemically prepared shampoos, hair styling, hair dyes and colours that have been in use since years.

Khadi Global Red Onion Shampoo is ideal for those who suffer from hair loss, thinning, dandruff, dry scalp and premature greying of hair. Many people have reported the positive effects ofusing Khadi Global Red Onion Shampoo after very first use. This is only because, Khadi Global takes extra care for retaining the properties of the ingredients. Each product is prepared under the supervision of qualified professionals so that, what you get is nothing less than the best.

Express your love for your hair by choosing the gentle and pure products for them. Choose Khadi Global.