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Lemonade & Orange Peel Skin Toner

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  • Rich source of Vitamin C for Skin, Control Sun Tanning, Blackheads, Dead cells, Acne, Blemishes, Dark circles, Dry skin, Cleanses the skin by Lemonade and orange peel mist. Brightens the complexion, Lightens Sun & Age spot, Reduces Tanning, Comes with Oil control properties. Tones skin only in 1 minute, Spray on your face & Wipe off after 30 seconds with tissue or cotton. Gives Great Refreshing Effect Any Time Any Where. 100% Natural & Safe.
  • Specially formulated to provide clean, refreshing toning without the harsh, drying effects of alcohol, Special mild purifiers gently remove impurities and recondition your skin, Because it is alcohol free, this formula will not strip delicate facial skin of its own natural moisturizers, Your skin will feel fresh and clean without tightness, dryness or stinging.
  • Khadi’s Global Quality Product, 100% Natural & Safe, Contain No SLS & No Parabens.
  • For All Skin Type, For All Age Group, For Men & Women.
  • This product contains No artificial colors. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemicals, No parabens, No urea, No propylene glycol or other harmful additives.


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Khadi Global Tangy Lemonade with Orange Peel Facial Toner comes with, Lemonade – A natural source of Vitamin C; an ingredient commonly used to lighten sun & age spots and even out skin tone; A natural astringent that tightens pores and brightens the complexion. Orange Peel – Considered as a boon for face and skin care as it cures blackheads, dead cells, acne, pores, blemishes, dark circles, dry skin, and brightens your face.

Shipping Weight.20 kg


Lime extract, Citrus Limon Extract, Dried Orange Peel Extract, Aqua, Base qs.

How to use

Spray evenly on face when using as a toner and wipe off with clean cotton balls OR use as a face mist several times to get refreshed.


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